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Treatment of parkinson's disease at a young age

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The paper considers the specific features of the diagnosis and treatment of parkinsonism in young and middle-aged patients. It is stressed that early-onset Parkinson's disease (PD) shows a number of the specific features of the mechanism responsible for the development, clinical picture, and course, as well as a response to antiparkinsonian agents, and prognosis. Indications for the use of different groups of antiparkinsonian drugs and the basic principles of management in young and middle-aged patients are discussed. Emphasis is laid on the key role of non-ergoline dopamine receptor agonists in the treatment of patients with PD. Approaches to correcting the non-motor symptoms of PD and current indications for neurosurgical treatment are considered.

About the Author

D. V. Artemyev
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
Russian Federation


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Artemyev D.V. Treatment of parkinson's disease at a young age. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2010;2(3):6-11. (In Russ.)

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