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Acute back pain is one of the main reasons for referrals to a polyclinic. Eighty-seven patients aged 18 to 75 years, who had acute back pain, were examined to study the spread of its principal causes of acute back pain in the outpatient setting. Of them, two thirds (60 patients) were found to have muscle pain syndromes; the others (27 patients) had specific diseases (ischemic heart disease, vertebral fractures, neoplasms, herpes zoster) that were prevalent in chest pain. Among 60 patients with nonspecific back pain, 30 patients were treated with mirlox (7,5- 15 mg/day) and 30 patients received mirlox and mydocalm in a dose of 150 mg thrice daily. As a result of therapy, back pain disappeared or diminished in all the patients, their routine activity normalized, as assessed by the Oswestry questionnaire. The duration of temporary disability was 3 days shorter in the group of patients taking a combination of mirlox and mydocalm. The use of mirlox and mydocalm is effective and safe in various (cervical, chest, and lumbar) pains caused by muscle syndromes, this promotes rapider recovery.

About the Authors

S. V. Verbitskaya
City Polyclinic № 151, North-Western Administrative District of Moscow
Russian Federation

V. A. Parfenov
I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Russian Federation

K. N. Borisov
City Polyclinic № 151, North-Western Administrative District of Moscow
Russian Federation


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Verbitskaya S.V., Parfenov V.A., Borisov K.N. ACUTE BACK PAIN IN THE OUTPATIENT SETTING AND ITS TREATMENT WITH MYDOCALM AND MIRLOX. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2009;1(2):68-72. (In Russ.)

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