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Objective: to study the clinical efficacy and tolerability of tenoten versus cavinton in patients with organic central nervous system pathology.

Subjects and methods. The study was conducted by the neurology and therapeutics clinics, Russian Gerontology Research and Clinical Center, and included 50 patients (42 females and 8 males; mean age 75,5±1,8 years) diagnosed as having dyscirculatory encephalopathy in the presence of cerebrovascular atherosclerosis, sequels of prior acute ischemic attacks, and posttraumatic encephalopathy. The patients were divided into 2 matched groups. The study group comprised 30 patients; the control consisted of 20 patients. During 28 days, the study group patients received tenoten as a tablet thrice daily and basic therapy (antiaggregatory, antihypertensive, sugar-reducing drugs, etc.); the control group had cavinton as a tablet (5 mg) thrice daily and a basic therapy.

Results. Depressed mood, headache, dizziness, tinnitus cerebri, and sleep disorders were found to be alleviated in the tenoten-treated patients by day 28 of therapy. The results of Schulte's test suggested that tenoten exerted the same positive effect on cognitive functions as cavinton. With tenoten, attention concentration was also improved. There was a significant reduction in the symptoms of anxiety, as shown by the Hamilton anxiety rating scale. The serial counting and word-memorization tests showed positive changes in the all indices under study during tenoten treatment.

Conclusion. The findings suggest that tenoten is effective in elderly patients with cerebrovascular diseases.

About the Author

L. D. Serova
Russian Gerontology Research and Clinical Center
Russian Federation


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Serova L.D. TENOTEN IN COMPLEX THERAPY FOR CEREBROVASCULAR INSUFFICIENCY IN ELDERLY PATIENTS. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2009;1(1):41-44. (In Russ.)

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