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Depression as a mask for dyscirculatory encephalopathy and its therapy

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In outpatient practice, neurologists often face patients diagnosed with dyscirculatory encephalopathy (DEP). Sleep disorders, headaches, rapid and unexplained fatigability, and irritability are predominating, which poses a number of complex medical issues. A case report of a 69 year-old patient, who was being followed up for a long time because of DEP diagnosis is reported. However, examination of the neu-ropsychic status revealed the depressive disorder with somatoform complaints, which was verified by a psychiatrist. Psychotherapy and antidepressant therapy led to significant improvement.
The differential diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders in outpatient practice are discussed. 

About the Authors

D.V. Neverovskiy
City Clinic No 44, St. Petersburg, Russia
Russian Federation

S.F. Sluchevskaya
I.I. Mechnikov Northwestern State Medical University, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Russia


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Neverovskiy D., Sluchevskaya S. Depression as a mask for dyscirculatory encephalopathy and its therapy. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2014;6(1):44-47. (In Russ.)

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