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Citicolin (ceraxon) is used as a neuroprotector in the treatment of acute stroke and vascular cognitive disorders. Experimental animal studies have demonstrated that citicolin reduces the extent of cerebral infarct and increases the degree of functional recovery. A few clinical trials have provided evidence for the efficacy of intravenous or oral citicolin used within the first 24 hours of ischemic stroke or cerebral hemorrhage in recovery of neurological functions. Citicolin is effective in memory and behavioral disorders in elderly patients with chronic cerebrovascular diseases. The use of citicolin has been found to be safe in stroke and vascular cognitive disorders.

About the Author

V. A. Parfenov
I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Russian Federation


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Parfenov V.A. CITICOLIN IN THE TREATMENT OF STROKE AND VASCULAR COGNITIVE DISORDERS. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2009;1(3-4):69-74. (In Russ.)

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