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Seventy patients (40 females and 30 males; mean age 46,5±15,0 years) with acute nonspecific back pain at various sites were followed up in the outpatient setting to study the efficiency of drug therapy based on meloxicam (movalis), without using physiotherapy, acupuncture and manual therapy techniques. The patients took movalis in a dose of 15 mg/day orally or 15 mg/day intramuscularly for up to 5 days, then 15 mg/day orally. Most patients (n = 56) also received myorelaxants (predominantly midocalm). As a result of therapy, back pain completely disappeared or was reduced (from 7,8±1,4 to 1,14± 0,95 visual analogue scores), the routine activity reached the baseline level as had been before pain occurrence; the duration of the disease being less than 2 weeks (mean 11 days). Adverse reactions caused by therapy were observed in sporadic cases; these were mild and transient. Case histories of 2 patients in whom movalis therapy was effective when the use of other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs failed are presented.

About the Authors

O. N. Gerasimova
ZAO «Medical Services», Polyclinics Two and Six, Moscow West Administrative District
Russian Federation

V. A. Parfenov
I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Russian Federation


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Gerasimova O.N., Parfenov V.A. TREATMENT FOR ACUTE NONSPECIFIC BACK PAIN IN OUTPATIENT PRACTICE. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2009;1(3-4):41-46. (In Russ.)

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