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Cervicogenic headache: pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, therapeutic approaches

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The concept of cervicogenic headache (CGH) comprises the types of headaches having different origins, which are associated with pathology in the cervical spine and its other structural areas. CGH is induced by diverse pathogenetic mechanisms and has different clinical manifestations so it is referred to different classification categories. The anatomic and pathophysiological causes of CGH, its clinical picture, and therapeutic principles are discussed. In clinical practice, more and more preference has been recently given to combined analgesics, ketorolac and nimesulide in particular.

About the Author

M. V. Putilina
Faculty for Postgraduate Training of Physicians, Russian State Medical University
Russian Federation

Department of Neurology



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Putilina M.V. Cervicogenic headache: pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, therapeutic approaches. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2011;3(3):75-80. (In Russ.)

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