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Smoking and ischemic stroke

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Smoking shows a 2-4-fold increased risk of ischemic stroke. The duration of smoking and the larger number of smoked cigarettes increase this risk, which is to a certain degree true for passive smoking. Smoking contributes to the progression of atherosclerosis, the elevation of blood pressure, and the narrowing of minor intracranial arteries, causing brain blood supply to worsen. After 5-year smoking cessation, the risk of stroke drops to its level observed in non-smokers. There was a 50% reduced vascular risk just 12 months after smoking refusal. Psychotherapy and drug therapy options that help quit smoking are discussed.

About the Author

D. V. Neverovskiy
Town Emergency Care Hospital
Russian Federation


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Neverovskiy D.V. Smoking and ischemic stroke. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2010;2(4):42-47. (In Russ.)

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