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Cognitive and emotional disorders in patients with chronic heart failure: prospects for detection and correction

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The article presents current data on the prevalence of anxiety, depressive disorders and cognitive impairment in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). Data on the main pathogenetic mechanisms of the relationship in the development of emotional and cognitive impairments in patients with CHF are summarized. Recommendations for screening for cognitive and emotional disorders in this patient are given. The prospects for the correction of these disorders in patients with CHF are discussed, including within the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation.

About the Author

V. N. Shishkova
National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health of Russia; A. I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Ministry of Health of Russia
Russian Federation

10, Petroverigsky Lane, Build. 3, Moscow 101990;

20, Delegatskaya Str., Build. 1, Moscow 127473


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Shishkova V.N. Cognitive and emotional disorders in patients with chronic heart failure: prospects for detection and correction. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2022;14(3):87-93. (In Russ.)

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