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Your patient has lower back pain. What should be done?

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Lower back pain (LBP) is a serious health problem. Its main causes are described. It is noted that acute and chronic back pain may be a manifestation of any disease. Acute LBP is more frequently nonspecific and usually caused by injury or muscle strain of the back. Chronic pain is the result of the complex interaction of biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors; it may be nociceptive, neuropathic, inflammatory, dysfunctional, or mixed. The diagnosis of LBP is based by excluding its specific cause and requires the assessment of a patient’s complaints, history data and somatic and neurologic examination. The administration of analgesics or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and myorelaxants is the main direction of drug therapy for LBP. Cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy along with other methods is one of the effective directions for patients with chronic LBP. The application of international guidelines for the management of patients with back pain permits a positive result to be achieved in most cases.

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Natalia Vyacheslavovna Pizova

Department of Neurology and Medical Genetics with Course of Neurosurgery


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