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«Masks» of alcoholic polyneuropathy

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The paper considers the aspects of clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and therapeutic approaches in alcoholic polyneuropathy (PNP). It gives the data available in the literature on the prevalence of this disease in different countries and on the frequency of alcohol drinking in men and women. The author describes main risk factors for alcoholic PNP, such as malnutrition, thiamine deficiency, direct alcohol toxicity, and a familial history of alcoholism. She characterizes the most important pathogenetic mechanisms in the development of PNP. Particular attention is paid to the clinical presentations and diagnosis of main types of PNP, such as toxic alcoholic (due to directly toxic effects of alcohol metabolites) and alcohol-related thiamine-deficient ones. The paper presents the management tactics in patients with various types of alcoholic PNP, which include combination treatment and ensure the impact (alcohol refusal; balanced nutrition with the addition of various medications) on the etiological factor of the disease. Taking into account the available evidence base, it is necessary to prescribe B-group vitamins to these patients. Alpha-lipoic acid preparations that have an effect on the peripheral and central nervous systems occupy a separate place in the treatment.

About the Author

N. V. Pizova
Yaroslavl State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Russia
Russian Federation
5, Revolutsionnaya St., Yaroslavl 150000, Russia


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