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Clinical experience with meloxicam (Movalis®) in nonspecific back pain and radiculopathy

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The authors present their experience in treating 280 patients (115 man and 165 women; mean age 47.1±13.3 years) with acute or chronic nonspecific back pain or radiculopathy. All the patients were given movalis (as intramuscular injections and/or orally in a dose of 15 mg). The majority of patients received myorelaxants; lyrica, milgamma, or other vitamin B preparations were used in radiculopathy. The duration of the treatment in patients with acute, subacute, or chronic pain was 12.1±5.2, 17.1±5.7, and 18.0±7.9 days, respectively. Most (96.4%) patients were observed to have complete regression of pain or its substantial reduction (to 1—2 visual analog scale scores). Movalis therapy showed good tolerability and a low rate (1.8%) of side effects that were transient and required no additional treatment. The positive effect of management in patients with back pain (particular subacute and chronic pain) was largely associated with the use of the elements of rational psychotherapy and therapeutic exercises.

About the Authors

O N Gerasimova

V A Parfenov

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Gerasimova O.N., Parfenov V.A. Clinical experience with meloxicam (Movalis®) in nonspecific back pain and radiculopathy. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2012;4(2):68-73. (In Russ.)

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