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Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the use of movalis (meloxicam) in patients with nonspecific back pain

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The paper analyzes the use of movalis (meloxicam) in 150 patients with nonspecific back pain in the outpatient setting. Movalis was given in a single daily oral dose of 15 mg throughout the follow-up; the oral use of the drug was, if required, preceded by a 3-day course of its intramuscular administration (15 mg). The mean cost of treatment (medical services - pharmacotherapy) was 6670 rbl. (range 4601-479 rbl.) in the entire group, 6074 rbl. (range 4367-156 rbl.) in the acute subgroup (n = 112), 8951 rbl. (range 6662-0195 rbl.) in the subacute pain (n = 20), and 9904 rbl. (range 5436-2070 rbl.) in the chronic pain group (n= 18). In patients with subacute and chronic pain as compared to those with acute pain, the cost of treatment was 2121 rbl. (95% CI, 698 to 4744) and 2817 rbl. (95% CI, 701 to 4932) higher, respectively, during much longer treatment. Comparison of the cost of drug therapy and common practice involving manual therapy has demonstrated the benefits of movalis treatment.

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O N Gerasimova

Vladimir Anatolyevich Parfenov

Kafedra nervnykh bolezney


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Gerasimova O.N., Parfenov V.A. Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the use of movalis (meloxicam) in patients with nonspecific back pain. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics. 2011;3(4):27-32. (In Russ.)

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