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Iuri V. Mikadhze

Iuri V. Mikadhze

Professor, doctor of psychological scienses

1976, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (psychology department), 1979 post graduate courses in psychology at MSU

Professor at neuro- and pathopsychology department, M.V.Lomonosov, Professor, doctor of psychological scienses

Head of clinical psychology department, N.I. Pirogov RSMU

The main fields of research work

Clinical, cognitive pediatric neuropsychology

Monographs during 10 recent years

Pediatric neuropsychology. Manual. Iu.V.Mikadzhe.
St.Pb, 2013, ISBN 978-5-496-00049-9, 288 p.
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Neuropsychological diagnostics and correction of senior preschool аnd junior school children: teaching-methoical manual / Iu.V.Mikadzhe, N.P.Chursina., O.R.Maslov, M. 2012 ISBN 978-5-94898-430-8, 128 p.
Atlas “Human nervous system. Composition and disturbance”. Edited by V.M. Astapova., Iu.V.Mikadzhe. 8-th edition, М, 2011, ISBN 978-5-9292-0203-2, 80 p.
7th edition, 2010, ISBN 978-5-9292-0188-2,
6th edition, 2008, ISBN 978-5-9292-0165-3
4th edition, 2004, ISBN 5-9292-0135-8.

2008 Psychodiagnostics and corrections of children with development disturbances and deviations. Reader . 2-nd. edition. V.M.Astapov, Iu.V.Mikadzhe
St.Pb. 2008, ISBN 978-5-91180-847-1, 256 сp

Psychology of children with psychic development disturbances and deviations, reader . 2-nd. edition
V.M. Astapov, Iu,V.Mikadzhe.,St.Pb. 2008, ISBN 978-5-91180-783-2, 384 p.

Development psychology: text book for students of higher institutions/ Publishing center “Academy”М, 2008, 528 p.
3-rd. edition, 2007, ISBN 5-7695-2031-0
2-nd.edition. 2005, ISBN 5-7695-2031-0
Iu.V.Mikadzhe, introduction and scientific editing of I.O.Tonkonogy monograph ‘Clinical neuropsychology”.
St.Pb.-М., 2007, ISBN 978-5-469-01288-7, 528 p.